Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Centers, Providence, RI


Hugo Lopez, guest of the Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center“The Center has made a huge difference in my life. I had no family or friends in Rhode Island. Here, I have made new friends and I feel better about myself. My depression is better and my health has improved. Thanks to the nursing staff, I take my medications correctly. The Center is great!”

Hugo Lopez
Participant since May 2010

Odilia Molina, guest of the Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center“Here, I have found a great family. I don’t know what I would have done without the Center because I was very depressed. Now, I have no complaints. God bless the Center and its Staff.”


Odilia Molina
Participant since July 2010

Pedro Parra, guest of the Elmwood Adult Day Health Care CenterSince I've been attending the Center, I have made lasting friendships with people of different nationalities. We are all a big family of many brothers and sisters. Thanks to the Center, I am now a U.S. citizen after thinking I was never going to achieve this dream. I would like to thank the entire staff of the Center for their dedication and support.

Pedro Parra
Participant since September 2012

Raymunda Bueno, guest of the Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center“Since I’ve been coming to the Center I’ve been socializing more. Although I could keep myself busy at home, I felt alone. I feel better here and I am learning English which I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

Raymunda Bueno
Participant since February 2011

Francisco and Maria-Garcia, guest of the Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center“Every morning my wife and I look forward to coming to the Center. The staff has been very helpful and we are grateful for them. The Center has been a solution to many of our problems.”

Francisco Garcia
Participant since April 2010


"The world becomes a better place
because of places like Elmwood!"

Elmwood Adult Day  Health Care Center

“Since I started attending this program, my life has changed. I used to spend all my time locked in my apartment. Here I have entertainment; playing dominoes, computer classes, going on trips, and many more activities. We feel good here because we are united like a family and have very good friendships. The service is good and the food is healthy and balanced.”

Francisco Taveras
“King of Center 2013-2014”
Participante desde diciembre de 2010


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Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center
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