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About Us: Frequently Asked Questions

Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center sounds good, how do I know if it is right for me or for my family member?

Simply call (401) 461 - 6060 and ask for an appointment to visit the Center.  We will be happy to show our Center to you and to answer any questions you may have.  A personal visit is the best way to see if the Center is right for you.  If you wish, we can begin the enrollment process during your visit.

Do I have to pay to attend Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center?

No, the cost of attending the Center is covered by Medicaid.

Do I have to attend the Center every day?

You can sign up to come whatever days you wish.  If you are unable to come on a day/days when you are scheduled, then you should let the Front Desk know 24 hours in advance about the day(s) that you will not be able to attend.

How do I get to the Center?

If you need transportation, the Center will arrange for transportation to pick you up at your home in the morning and bring you back home in the afternoon.

What if I have an appointment on the day I am supposed to be at the Center?

No problem! Part of our job at the Center is to make it easier for you to get to your appointments. If you wish, we can arrange transportation for you to and from your appointment.


"The world becomes a better place
because of places like Elmwood!"

Elmwood Adult Day  Health Care Center

"Before coming to this Center I felt very alone. I thank God for this Center because when I came here I felt like a new person. I have lived with a lot of depression and now I am full of joy, being surrounded by my friends and the staff of the Center. When I come here I sing, I dance, and that gives encouragement to me and all my friends. I ask God to allow me many more years of life here and I hope many others will have the same opportunity."

Ramona Polanco- Participant since October 2010


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Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center
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Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center
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Phone: 401-461-6060
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